Happy Prairie Dog Day!

The Prairie Dogs saw their shadows today. 6 more weeks of winter, such as it is here.

prairie dog day 2013

Autumn Dogs

The coterie's population has leveled off at seven as the coterie settles in to get ready for winter.

7 prairie dogs

Autumn Prairie Dog

2012 Babies!

At the beginning of May the 2012 babies emerged. York is the proud (and exhausted) papa of 25 babies in 4 litters.

Some of the babies

A video of them is up at Youtube.

Double Jump-Yip Ahoy!

Going through the year old pictures for the gallery it's interesting coming across old pictures I'd meant to do something with but hadn't yet.

Stubby and Splitty do a double Jump-yip

Happy Valentine's Day!

Prairie Dog Tooth Touch

Happy Prairie Dog Day!

In the west since we have no groundhogs, there's a growing trend of celebrating Prairie Dog Day on February 2nd.
York on Prairie Dog Day
My alpha male, York, didn't see his shadow here. Looks like the warm weather will continue!

I also have prairie dog and associated wildlife videos up on youtube.

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